The developed program is designed to focus on character development and soft skills improvement for students. Students are nurtured with knowledge, awareness and skills through various academic activities and programs such as elective subjects, life skills, psychological counseling, career counseling, clubs, summer camp, character development programs and study immersion.




The program focuses on educating the character and behavior of students; providing students with awareness and correct outlook on life to master themselves and to be confident. Student characters are developed through:

  • Courses in living values.
  • Discussions on the School’s 6 core values.
  • Activities of gratitude organized both inside and outside the School.

The psychological counseling program puts focus on developing psychological well-being for secondary and high school students with activities including:

  • Periodic lectures and workshops about common issues in friendship, physiology during adolescence, interaction with parents, and difficulties in learning.
  • Individual counselling services  available through the  Psychological Counsel Office.
  •  “I am a young psychologist” Club
  • “What I wanna say” letter box

Following the Proverb, ‘A great leader is a wise servant’, the School navigates students toward strong leadership skills and great spirit of service through such activities as:

  • Class Leaders
  • Club Leaders
  • Community service trips/activities
  • Volunteering LSTS Summer Camp
  • Volunteering International Summer Camp

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Life skills program is conducted in a variety of forms including in-class lessons, extra-curricular activities, workshops, and fieldtrips. The program trains and equips students with various skills including:

  • Survival skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Self-management skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Organization skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Emotional control skills
  • Presentation and information sharing skills
  • Goal setting and motivation skills

Elective courses and Clubs aim to train and develop student aptitude within 4 groups: Academics, Sports, Art and Skills.

  • Academic Term: encourage and improve students’ passion on researching and discovering scientific aspects.
  • Sports: provide students chance to train their physical health and develop sporting aptitude.
  • Art: build and improve the aesthetics, creative aptitude for students through music, painting and dancing.
  • Skills: equip students with knowledge and soft skills in various aspects of life.

The career counseling program aims to help students make the right choice on the appropriate career to be successful in the future. Students are provided with career orientation through activities including:

  • Doing an aptitude test to initially recognize which majors are appropriate with their talents and interests
  • Participating in lectures/workshops about the majors for actual awareness and appropriate career selection
  • Joining trips for career orientation to have actual experience about activities in the factories, companies as well as universities.
  • Guidance to make own individual plan including career plan.
  • Being coached in person by the counselor if necessary
  • Working with the counselor for application documents and submission, and even for scholarship.

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