16 08 2018

Students from LSTS and students from Lishan, Bailing and Busan Schools will exchange cultures, share and learn about doing researches, implementing scientific projects as well as learn about information technology and information communication technology.

06 08 2018

“Grade Level Transfer Support” was held to orientate students of grade 6 and grade 10 in LSTS to have a confident start for the new school year.

06 08 2018

“LSTS Book Fair” is a meaningful activity for all teachers and students in the first week of the new Academic Year 2018-2019.

29 06 2018

LSTS Summer Camp 2018 will take place with many interesting activities that brings useful experience to students from grade 6 to grade 11.

19 05 2018

Conference of United Nation Model is an annual activity that brings students experience in becoming a real diplomat.

12 05 2018

Life skills Camp will take place in 1,5 days with many challenging activities sticking to the “Conquer the Ocean” theme.

06 04 2018

The purpose of this workshop is to equip skills and methods for students to motivate themselves.

30 03 2018

Coordinating with University of Technology, LSTS will hold “Inspiration of Information Technology” Workshop for students from grades 7, 8, 9.

26 03 2018

With the theme “Desire for 4.0”, the 2018 LSTS Students’ Day will be taken place with lots of interesting activities that demonstrate the vision of LSTS students about the future and the adaptation ability of the young generation to the indispensable trend in the era of technology.

17 03 2018

Lawrence S. Ting School organizes the Psychological workshop on “Communication in the family” to provide parents and students with professional advice as well as necessary skills in communication and behaviors, which connects the family members with a thorough penetration.


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