Tuition fee

1. TUITION FEE: Tuition fee of students includes curriculum fee and additional costs.

1.1 Curriculum fee:

The Curriculum fee is the fee for curriculum subjects and administration expenses such as medical check-up, medical insurance, school report, report to family, registration book and  cover bags for exam papers.

Students admitted to Lawrence S. Ting School will submit the curriculum fee according to the announced route. The route for curriculum fee payment is established to ensure the non-profit nature of the School, and to provide financial convenience to parents and families when choosing the School for the students.

The curriculum fee for each level (secondary level or high school level) will be fixed from the first year of each level without any changes during the whole level if the CPI indicator increases less than 10%  in the year. In the condition that CPI indicator increases more than 10% in the year and higher, the School will consider and adjust the curriculum fee with an acceptable rate and then announce to parents at the end of the academic year for acknowledgement and preparation for the next academic year.

1.2 Additional costs:

Additional costs are the additional accounts for some programs in the system of Developed Program and Extended Program of the School.

The rate of additional costs will be fixed in each academic year according to the specific characteristics of Developed Program, Extended Program and number of periods in the Intensive English program with foreign teachers of each grade in such academic year. The rate of additional costs in the next academic year will be announced to parents in the Parents Meeting at the end of 2nd Semester of the current academic year.

2. SERVICE FEES: Service fees in considered according to the actual demand of students including:

  • Fee for notebooks and uniform
  • Fee for meals
  • Fee for school bus
  • Fee for boarding students at dormitory


3.1 Time of payment:

Tuition fee and other service fees will be submitted in each semester.

a. Stage 1: Submit tuition fee and other service fees (if any) of the 1st Semester (including 5 months) as below schedule:

  • Students in Grade 6 and Grade 10: submit payment within 3 days since the date of receiving Offer Letter from the School.
  • Students in other grades: submit payment before June 30th every year.

b. Stage 2: Submit tuition fee and other service fees (if any) of the 2nd Semester (total 5 months for students in Grade 6,7,8,9,10,11 and total 6 months for students in Grade 12) before December 10th every year.

3.2 Mode of payment:

Students submit all fees by bank transfer.


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